Privacy policy

At Indiabiz Assist, we are dedicated to protect the privacy and discretion of information regarding our clients, as well as their data. We acquire the below mentioned steps in order to protect the privacy of confidential information, may it be online or offline:

  • We notify our clients when we request for information, incorporating the reason for which the information is actually used
  • We maintain exact records and provide complete access to personal, retainable, and identifiable information available online
  • We use secure system technology, electronic and physical in order to secure the information about our clients
  • Regularly, we use our client’s information to contact for the purpose of market research. We can contact via email, fax, or phone and thus modify the website as per your interest.

Basically, our Privacy Policy apply to every information that we acquire from our clients online and that too in document format. In addition to this, we gather information from the clients when the clients initiates online request for execution or documentation with Indiabiz Assist. In such circumstances, we gather few information in order to verify our client’s identity and check the client’s intention for use of the products. The basic information that we gather from our clients incorporates name, email, phone number and address.

We do not reveal the individual identification that you provide us through online software to the third party. Usually, we do not trade, sell, and distribute information that we gather from outside vendors or third party. Besides, quickly correct any kind of information that is found to be wrong.

If you have any other query regarding the privacy policies of Indiabiz Assist, you can Contact Us at any hour of the day at the below mentioned email or contact number.

Contact no. +91 9811811809


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