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Do you want to register a company in New Delhi? Then you first have to decide the sort of business entity that you want to register before opting for Online company registration in India. The process of Company registration in new Delhi by the entrepreneurs begins with meeting the eligibility criteria first to incorporate a business entity.


company incorporation

After meeting the eligibility criteria, entrepreneurs have to obtain legal documentation. Next, the directors and founding members of the business must apply for a director identification number and digital signature certificate via MCS online portal. They also have to file an application allotting a name for the company. In the next step, business owners have to draft the company’s legal documents, such as the articles of association and memorandum of association.

Startup registration

With the launch of the start-up India scheme, innovators are embracing new ideas and increasing employment opportunities. As start-up companies are more vulnerable to suffering loss and failure in their initial stages, several start-up India initiatives have been taken by the government to trigger employment in the country and increase economic growth. There are several benefits of the startup India scheme. First, start-up registration takes place through a single form. Second, startup registration consultants in India are helping entrepreneurs to complete all the registration formalities in that application and enable start-ups to get registered with the help of a few taps easily. Third, online portals enable young entrepreneurs to set up business in India without hassle. The online startup registration fee is also 80% less than the actual fee. 

Trademark registration

Trademark registrations have become a significant factor for every business entity after introducing the Company Act of 2013. As per the Company Act 2013, no company can have a similar name or a registered trademark. This is why trademark registration has become a significant part of business entities. Online trademark registration in India is quite cheap. The overall cost of registering and filing a trademark will be as low as ₹5499, including government fees, professional fees, and other taxes. As soon as you register the trademark of your business, it will remain valid for the upcoming 10 years, and you will not face any legal obligation within these 10 years. Trademark registration services in Gurgaon help to obtain trademark registration easily.

Import-export code

if you want to start your export or import business, you first have to know what import export code (IEC) is and how it helps in your business. An import export code is a unique ten-digit code that helps business owners carry their business in India. To obtain your import export license, you must know how to apply for IEC. The IEC online application form will be filed with the DGFT, and the top authorities will verify all the applications and documents. Then only the import-export code will be granted to the business entity. Best import-export code registration service providers in India help entrepreneurs open vast doors, venture into the global market, and maintain their business simply.

Foreign company setup in India

India is one of the fastest-growing countries worldwide, so many foreign companies are setting up business in India. Registration of a foreign company in India takes weeks, so starting a business in India is quite easy. Consultants for foreign companies set up in India are helping foreign companies to start and grow their business in India and fulfill all the requirements. The foreign business has two entry strategies to start their business in India – incorporation or registration of a company and establishing a liaison or branch office. To register a foreign startup company, a few documents such as address proof, passport, bank statement, and driver’s license must be submitted. However, liaison or branch office registration will be comparatively tougher for foreign company startups in India. 


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